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Make safe decisions and choose the solutions that best result will give your customers and your business

1531 customers choose the right solutions with us

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Less Risks

Reduce risks and avoid bad decisions. We help you choose the right components for your needs with an expert team behind you.

More Security

Choose safely. Understanding the reason for your choice, the benefits/best result they have for your client and for you.

More Profitability

Make your business profitable with faster solutions, better execution of your work and happier customers.

Work a component change 1:1
not always the right solution

As a team we look for the right Solutions

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We help identify
the best component

The one that gives
the most benefit

The one that improves
the installation process

The one you
should really use

Our History

Since we opened our doors, we have been obsessed with specialization

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We choose as experts only the best brands worldwide

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We are endorsed experts in the
manufacture of flexibles hoses:
Workshop of flexibles hoses certified by parker

We manufacture hydraulic flexibles hoses with the pressure and tightness test certificates you need:SAE, DOT, USCG, ISO, DNV, EN, MSHA, German SAE, DOT, USCG, ISO, DNV, EN, MSHA, German Lloyd, ABS, CARB, FDA, NFPA, CSA, NGV, ANSI y UL-21 LPG.

Certificate of own tightness pressure tests, complying with the protocols of the norm ISO 1402:2009.

The label ID PTS “Parker Tracking System”
uniquely, precisely and safely identifies each flexible hose.