Our History

Who Are We


Neuwalme Parker Store is a Company directed by true experts in pneumatics, hydraulics and manufacturing of flexible hoses.

The Origins

Since we opened our doors, we have been obsessed with distributing and having the best for those who are dedicated to the sectors of repair and maintenance of machinery to level industrial, naval and public works .

We have opted for the best component brands in the market. We far exceed the usual focus to manufacturing flexibles hoses. We have specialized in fuel filters of high flow.

We have always been searcher to find the best solution for our clients. In every challenge of maintenance, repair and manufacturing, we accompany you to find potential solutions that will make you make better decisions.

Most of our clients arrived with the intention of specifically looking for a product, but by working with us, they understood the value we gave it.

Since then, we knew that we had a big difference in the market. We did not want to be just another ecommerce, nor just another distributor, we wanted to be true specialists looking for the right solutions. We formalized what was a way of working and it became our working method.

We do not give any solution, we give correct solutions

Since then, we have supported our clients to understand what is behind each of their decisions so that they choose the best solution on the market.

We choose as experts only the best brands worldwide

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We are endorsed experts in the
manufacture of flexibles hoses:
Workshop of flexibles hoses certified by parker

We manufacture hydraulic flexibles hoses with the pressure and tightness test certificates you need:SAE, DOT, USCG, ISO, DNV, EN, MSHA, German SAE, DOT, USCG, ISO, DNV, EN, MSHA, German Lloyd, ABS, CARB, FDA, NFPA, CSA, NGV, ANSI y UL-21 LPG.

Certificate of own tightness pressure tests, complying with the protocols of the norm ISO 1402:2009.

The label ID PTS “Parker Tracking System”
uniquely, precisely and safely identifies each flexible hose.